Some of the most sought after and beautiful natural stone material are marbles.

This material is used in many of the oldest and most beautiful applications. This material has been used for statues and in the most luxurious applications. For our busy kitchens the features that make the material so sought after make it less practical for home kitchen use. Marbles are perfect for accent areas of the home and for commercial applications such as luxury hotels and any area that art and design are key for presentation. common application in the home for marble are bathrooms and fireplace design. These areas are not exposed to harsh chemicals and high traffic that can damage the material over time. Sealing this material with some advanced sealers can increase this durability and make the stone more acceptable for a kitchen application. The primary makeup of marble is compressed limestone. Limestone is a softer material that can etch with direct exposure to acids.

Residential applications : 4/5
Commercial applications : 4/5
Durability : 3/5
Maintenance : 3/5
Popularity : 5/5
Cost/Price : 4/5


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