Granite Makeover, Granite Countertops are a natural Stone harvested from the earth cut to a manageable size for customization to your specific application.

This material is unique and no other countertops will be exactly the same as yours. This material is like an art form integrating this natural beauty into your functioning space. Granite Countertops are very durable once installed and will outlast the home they are installed in. Being a natural stone it will have natural pits and fissures which will require annual sealing or other more modern sealing application which don’t require this. This sealing process fills these natural imperfections to have an impermeable surface.

Residential applications :  5/5
Commercial Applications : 4/5
Durability : 4.5/5
Maintenance : 4/5
Popularity : 5/5
Cost/Price : 4/5

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Granite for countertops

  • The visual appeal of natural stone

  • The high durability to heat, chemicals and UV rays

  • The Unique presence of a natural material is unmatched.

  • Annual sealing is recommended

Granite countertops for Kitchen And Bathrooms as well as any area indoors or outdoors that you want to have a highly functional space that will last a lifetime. Granite became popular in the 80’s for a high end product for kitchen applications. It became more mainstream in the early 2000’s as the material cost started to come into affordable range for the average consumer. The properties of the material make it perfect for kitchen Applications. Maintenance in minimal with a recommendation to seal the countertops once per year for most applications. Contact Us for Custom Countertops call 87773548771000