Edge Selection

Selecting the perfect Edge for your customers countertops. Our team will help guide you to the perfect edge. Many Edges are included while others that require speciality bits and additional labor will incur an additional fee.

Edge options


Countertop Standard Edges

Standard Edges are designed to be the least difficult to style your countertop edge with and typically require less material to be removed. The cost of edging the countertop varies based on the amount of labor and consumables such as bits to complete the job. 

Countertop Upgraded Edges

Upgraded Edges typically will require additional labor and consumable good to complete. These edges would add cost to your countertop project.

Laminated Edges

Typically this step is only used with 2cm (or 3/4 inch) material. This process makes the countertop look thicker than it is. This is used to create very intricate edging. This kind of countertop edging will add costs to your over all project.


  *Not all edges may be available. Call for details